Lenox Hill Community House Roof Garden

Upper East Side

Miles Crettien approached Architecture for Humanity New York for help developing schematic design documents for a green roof at the 117 year old settlement in the Upper East Side. The Lenox Hill Neighborhood House now provides social services, education, legal services, housing, health food, wellness programs and mental health services as well as early childhood development. The green roof would be a part of the Health Foods and Wellness program which has four target goals: Education Menu Planning Community Outreach Connecting clients with local farmers. While our main audience for the green roof would be the children in the program age groups 3 to 4 and 5 to 13, the roof would benefit the entire Lenox Hill community.  

The main goals of the green roof are: Provide hands on education/development opportunities for Create dynamic space that inspires and transforms the way people look at food. Bring together people in a beautiful space that makes them happy. The vision: Mixed use green space. Extensive /intensive green roof and greenhouse. Plant nursery and have year round classroom and growing in greenhouse.

Final Plans

Final Photos