Habitat for Humanity Community Garden

Habitat for Humanity’s LEED Gold certified, 41-unit Atlantic Avenue condominium project was completed in 2009.  The development is forecasted to generate nearly $34.5 million to this low-income Brooklyn neighborhood’s economy over the next four decades.  However, the public areas of the newly-constructed building were in need of permanent outdoor living spaces and indoor seating for tenants to socialize, create connections, and build a community with their neighbors.  Architecture for Humanity New York was asked to design and construct outdoor seating areas, game tables, and indoor seating for the lobbies. The furniture required simple design specifications so it could easily be constructed on-site with volunteer labor and standard equipment.  Low-cost, durable, and environmentally-sound materials were to be used.  Eight movable benches and three game tables were constructed for the outdoor spaces, and four sets of tables with seating and three additional benches were made for the interiors.  Habitat for Humanity volunteers helped with the construction of the furniture.  The total project cost was estimated at $500.  Mailers were used to solicit tax-deductible funding for this project.