Volunteers for Concrete Safaris Washington Garden

OACNY is looking for five (5) volunteers with design and construction drawing experience to work on a project in collaboration with Concrete Safaris. Concrete Safaris is our partner organization that promotes commitment to health and environment in children living in East Harlem.

The project intends to re-design a community garden at Washington Houses managed by Concrete Safaris. We will be creating an interactive learning space that will, through its design, reinforce some classroom concepts, provide cognitive stimulation, develop or strengthen physical skills and most importantly, have fun! The design includes creating space for various learning gardens, a reading nook, and structures such as seating, a treehouse, and water feature. The space will offer an environment to imagine in, dream and be creative in, play and have fun in. We are seeking volunteers with knowledge in site design and construction technique to help design and produce drawings meant for installation, under the guidance of the project coordinator.

Project Coordinator for the East Harlem Block Nursery

OACny is assisting East Harlem Block Nursery (EHBN) in finding a new site to expand their childcare services. East Harlem Block Nursery is a grassroots education based not-for-profit providing early childhood education to pre-school age children within the East and Central Harlem communities. As EHBN is expanding, their current site of operation has become too small to accommodate their needs.

OACNY is seeking a Volunteer Project Coordinator to work closely with EHBN on a programming study to understand their spatial needs, organizing this information so that EHBN can utilize it to find the appropriate new site.