Director of Operations

Open Architecture / New York is seeking a Director of Operations to join our Board of Directors. 

Responsibilities include:

  • Maintaining the website and working in close tandem with the Directors of Projects and Communications to publicize project progress as well as the Director of Outreach to properly disseminate information related to advocacy.
  • Publishing the organiziation's activities and accomplihsments on the website.
  • Maintaining all records of the organization wihtin one central, organized filing structure, both accessible and secure.
  • Working with the Director of Communications to generate the publications and promotional materials of the organization.
  • Structuring meetings, preparing agendas, maintaining schedules, keeping and reporting minutes and communications.
  • Generating records for all events and meetings for which they are in attendance and coordinate records for those who are unable to attend.

You are:

  • A self-starter.
  • Working and living in the greater NYC area.
  • Able to commit an average of 5 hours per week to the organization, sometimes more, sometimes less (volunteer hours).
  • Passionate about socially conscious work and creating change in your community.

Please send resumes and a brief cover letter (within the email) to Christina Esser at to apply.