Project Coordinator & Volunteers for Street Lab/The Uni Project Communal Table Design

Open Architecture New York is partnering with Street Lab/The Uni Project to design and build a communal table for the public to gather around and engage in hands-on activities associated with Street Lab’s programs. For example, the table may be used for people to gather around a LEGO building activity as part of Street Lab’s BUILD program. On another day, it might offer typewriters, fountain pens, and postcards as part of a new program, WRITE.

OACny is looking for (1) project coordinator and (2) volunteers to develop and construct the table design. The table ideally would be a modular system adaptable to all Street Lab programs and variety of outdoor locations where Street Lab works: streets, plazas, parks, playgrounds, and more. The design requirements include an easily packable system, light enough for transportation, and clever design to encourage simple setup and cleanup. The design would build on the winning design concept proposed at the design charrette, which took place this Spring. The design can be fabricated using a CNC or by hand, ideally with easy to repair materials like plywood. The project duration is about 6 weeks.

Project tasks include:

  • Develop schematic design and construction drawings

  • Prepare material list and budget

  • Construct table by hand or supervise manufacturing of table (OACny and Street Lab would provide resources and guidance)

Additional responsibilities for Project Coordinator include:

  • Work with OACny Director of Projects and Street Lab on providing project specific goals and updates

  • Manage a small team of volunteers

  • Ensure that the project meets the mission and standards of OACNY throughout the duration of the project

  • Develop project schedule and budget

Preferable experience include:

  • Experience in schematic design and construction

  • Interest in public space and street elements

  • Strong organizational skills and work well in a team

  • Proficiency in AutoCAD, Adobe Creative Suite, 3D modeling programs (Sketchup, Rhino or Revit)

Please send resume to Gloria Lau at by July 12, 2019. Please state whether you are interested in the coordinator or volunteer position.