Red Rabbit Break Room Renovation

spring - Fall 2017

The staff at Red Rabbit’s Harlem facility prepares and delivers low-cost healthy school lunches to students, but their own basement lunch room needed work. Our design process was driven by on-site conversations with the Red Rabbit team to determine their needs and priorities. Two of their main goals were to protect the existing closet area from fruit flies, and to make the cellar space brighter. Each time the design team presented color options to Red Rabbit, the response was always “good… but something brighter!” The end result was a dynamic pattern of electric green and yellow. To address the fruit fly issue, the team designed and built a new stained wood cabinet with doors around the existing closet rods, with the interior painted the same bold red from Red Rabbit’s logo. Additionally, existing coat hooks were relocated and integrated into a custom-designed reclaimed wood accent feature that brings a warmth of materiality into the concrete-floored room.

Project Coordinator: Amy Leong

Design Team: Jenny X Chen, Charlotte Page, Jesse Pringle, Vanessa Sanchez