St. Marks Avenue/Prospect Heights Community Garden

spring 2017 - April 2018

The St. Marks Avenue/Prospect Heights Community Garden is approximately 0.08 acres and located in the Prospect Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn on St. Marks Avenue near the corner of Vanderbilt Avenue.

3-Bin Composting System

There is an existing 3-bin compost system located at the rear (north) of the garden.  This existing system will need to be demolished and constructed in the same approximate location.  The previously constructed compost system built at the Walt L. Shamel Community Garden, which the client saw and liked, will be used as inspiration for the development of this new system. The client expressed some of the following criteria for the composting system:

  • Flat top/roof with latch

  • Top/roof to be light to allow garden users easy access regardless of age or ability

  • Signage/information similar to the bins at the Walt L. Shamel Community Garden

  • Composting system to work from left (new material) to right (finishing bin).

  • Consider the addition of a separate compost sifter to assist with separating coarse unfinished compost materials from the finished product or to separate out trash and debris from other organic materials before use in the garden

Leaf Storage Bin

The existing leaf storage bin in relatively good condition and the client main concern is the function of the front access gates/doors.  The current full height gate is bad condition and does not allow for easy access. The initial idea is to construct a new 2-tier gate system that will allow for access to the leaves at an upper and lower level.

Stormwater Harvesting System

The client expressed interest in figuring out a system for harvesting and storing rainwater for use in the garden.  This would be used for supplemental irrigation, especially towards the early part of spring prior to the main water source being turned back on.  The rainwater harvesting system will also serve as an educational tool for garden members and visitors.

Project Coordinator: Steven Yavanian

Design Team: Kuan-Ju Chen, Lily Cheng, Roberto Bassi, Ella Umali