Chapter Network Update

The Chapter Network has been working diligently over the course of the last few months to help carve a path for the future of our organization. Weekly, the interim board has had countless calls, emails, and video chats to discuss next steps. A number of those leaders had the opportunity to meet in Detroit during Structures for Inclusion 15! It was an exciting moment to be with like-minded peers and long-time friends from around the world.
This weekend was important to us on a number of levels. The Chapter Network had the opportunity to present some of our latest work (see presentation here) to SFI audiences. We were able to show the breadth of our work in our local communities, and our strong commitment to the future. This weekend also gave us the opportunity to have a true strategic visioning session live, and it allowed us to begin framing our next steps.
There were a number of really great moments over the course of the weekend. People aligned in their goals, missions, and vision were able to connect. The value of our work, the hope for the future of the chapter network was solidified in the agreement to move forward as a collective organization. 
A formal event update from the the Chapter Network will be released soon. We encourage you to sign-up to be on the mailing list for more information. Over the coming weeks, calls for volunteers will be sent out globally to aid the organization in the next step! We are looking for visionaries to be part of the conversation and to lend a helping hand! As you've been part of our past, and now our present, we invite you to help sculpt our future.

In the meantime, AFHny is happily moving forward and is continuing to work in our local communities. We thank you for your support as we transition into the next chapter.
Look out for more updates,

-Rachel Starobinsky, Managing Director, AFHny