Structures for Inclusion 2015

The 15th annual Structures for Inclusion brought together global citizens to share their best ideas and practices in public interest design. Hosted in Detroit by Design Corp, the theme for 2015 was "Resilience of Mind, Body and Spirit", and featured projects from Detroit and beyond in search of a "new kind of post-industrial order."

In addition to a number of different topics, ranging from resilience, advocacy, and engagement, 2015 SEED Award Winners had the opportunity to present their work as well. It was great to see a number of Architecture for Humanity Alumni presenting at SFI15, and to hear that at least two of the SEED Winners had some connection with the work that we do. Congratulations to ProjectH for being a SEED Award Winner, for their project, Studio H, which aims to teach "standards-aligned core subject content" through a design/build workshop environment. Their projects are hands on, and must be built for a specific community or client, and gives students the opportunity to excel in a "test-driven" society.

Lastly, our very own Chapter Network had an opportunity to showcase some of work too, where we hosted a panel focused on public interest design and volunteerism.  You can check out a slideshow here,, which has projects presented by chapters from Chicago, Detroit, London, New Orleans, and Portland, Oregon. It was a great moment for the Chapter Network to gather, present their work, the breadth of the Chapter Networks' capabilities, and to show that we are still here and continuing to do good work around the world. With the support of Chapter Network leaders from all over the world, we were happy to be in good company with chapter leaders from all over the world including Toronto, DC, Atlanta, Houston, Chicago, Denver, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, London, and Bogota, Colombia. 

- Rachel Starobinsky, Managing Director, AFHny