Final Survey: People for the Pavilion Project

On June 27th, People for the Pavilion (PFP) and AFHny completed our third round of community surveys! This final installment took place in Forest Hills, Queens, and the responses will be tallied with the results collected from the November surveys which took place in Corona and Flushing. The surveys were done in busy public areas and enabled people in the community to provide their idea of how a rehabilitated New York State Pavilion might best serve their neighborhood.

Flushing, Corona, and Forest Hills were selected as survey locations since they can be found within reasonable walking distance from the Pavilion. Over 100 people were interviewed and more than 200 ideas were proposed. These responses are being incorporated into an informational packet that will be distributed by PFP to the relevant authorities as the city and state moves forward with rehabilitation plans. Keep an eye out for the final product which should be completed in the coming weeks!

People for the Pavilion (PFP) is a local non-profit advocacy organization working to raise awareness about the New York State Pavilion in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, Queens. PFP is a volunteer-based organization, led by Matthew Silva and Salmaan Khan, New York natives who believe in the Pavilion’s inherent value as a piece of New York’s history, and in its potential to serve as a vibrant, functional community space. PFP works to generate awareness and interest in this historic structure, and to explore the ways it might benefit Queens and New York City.

AFHny is working with PFP to develop and implement surveys of local communities to find out how the Pavilion could be re-imagined.

by: Sabrina Plum, Project Coordinator, People for the Pavilion Project

Photos by Sakeenah Saleem