Urban Pathways Cluster House

September 2017 - present

Urban Pathways helps provide housing, services and support to homeless and at-risk New Yorkers with the aim of enabling individuals to make informed plans for their future. The brief at the Cluster House location was to revitalize the underutilized rear courtyard with spaces to garden, relax and gather as a group.  The iterative design process leading to the final design was driven by onsite charrettes in which the Urban Pathways employees and clients worked through their needs and priorities for the courtyard. The final design divides the courtyard into 3 parts and preserves an existing gazebo. The north end of the courtyard is reserved for planting since it receives the most sun, while the southern end is reserved for an exterior dining area.  The central part of the courtyard utilizes modular planters and mobile furniture to remain flexible to the needs of various activities which happen throughout the year.

Project Coordinator: Christopher Tomasetti

Design Team: Cameron Toler, Jean Gu, Justin Cho. Madison Head