Concrete Safaris Jungle Gym

spring 2017 - Present

Jungle Gym Obstacle is an ongoing project for our long term partner Concrete Safaris, whose mission is to promote physical activity and leadership in children living in East Harlem. Each year, they host a neighborhood wellness fair and obstacle race called Jungle Gym. In 2017, a group of 11 volunteers worked with children from Concrete Safaris programs to brainstorm, design, and build 6 obstacles. In 2018, a group of 5 volunteers designed more challenging obstacles for the race by transforming playground structures into movable and easy to assemble structures.

Project Coordinator: Gloria Lau

2017 Design Team: Alex Coleman, Alfia White, Areej Sabzwari, Farah Aboul-Nasr, Fiona Gueunet, Grace Prem, Hannah Berkin-Harper, Jon Hong, Madison Head, Megan Fullagar, Michael Niamehr

2018 Design Team: Juliana Marroquin, Juliana Bernal, Stéphane Philmonor, Lissa Yang Jie, Liliana Torres, Phara Lafleur, Lauren Harness