Pink Houses Open Space Visioning

Spring 2019 - Present

Already home to numerous playgrounds and basketball courts, the Pink Houses and their Resident’s Association along with East New York Restoration LLC sought to rethink an unprogrammed open space to better serve the Pink Houses residents. Using feedback gathered from the community during a public visioning session and survey, a design will be generated that will reflect the community's needs and vision. The plan will then be used to advocate to potential funding sources so that it may become a reality. The goal is to bring additional active recreation opportunities that serve diverse age groups to the Pink Houses. Under the guidance of the Resident's Association, residents have been engaged in each step of the process.

Project Coordinator: Nate Heffron

Design Team: Vanessa Sanchez, Amy Leong

May 2019 Visioning Session Volunteers: Sierra Greggs, Tat Chan, Renee Barnes